Average Cost Of A Funeral – What Should You Pay?

Posted by formed on 7 November 2017

At Carroll and Carroll we know that people are concerned about the average cost of a funeral. We will do everything to make sure that families find it easy to understand the costs involved when planning a funeral.

At Carroll and Carroll based in Leeds our prices are lower than the average cost of a funeral based on information from the Royal London National Funeral cost index 2017.

It may be helpful to know that the cost of a funeral is made up of two parts:

The cost of the services provided by the funeral director and the disbursement fees.

The disbursements are fees paid before the funeral by the funeral director on behalf of the family. These include things like cremation fee, church fees and doctors’ fees or purchasing a burial plot. Please note, the disbursements are the same price regardless of the funeral director you choose and should always be charged “at cost”.

At Carroll and Carroll our fee for a classic cremation is £1450.

The typical disbursements costs are:

  • Fees for two doctors to complete cremation forms £164
  • Cremation at a Leeds City Council Crematorium £850

Therefore this typical cremation funeral is £2464

For funerals that include burials, average funeral costs are again made up of the cost of the services provided by the funeral director and the disbursement fees.

At Carroll and Carroll the costs for both these elements to bury your loved one in a new grave is £3,995 or to bury your loved one in an existing grave is £2,645.

Families can of course choose to add a variety of further additional services to the cost of the funeral that will increase the average funeral cost. At Carroll and Carroll we will always discuss this with you and make clear the costs for any additional services you may wish to include

If you have any concerns about the average costs of a funeral please don’t hesitate to discuss this with us, you could get help with a funeral cost if you’re on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral that you’re arranging.

For further information on all our funeral costs and services please visit http://www.carrollandcarrollfunerals.co.uk/our-prices/ or call 0113 345 3160