When a death occurs in hospital or hospice, it is usually expected by the doctors treating the patient.

This means that the doctor will be able to issue a Cause of Death Certificate which in turn is used to register the death. The medical cause of death certificate is usually issued via the bereavement officer at the hospital and can be collected by arrangement with them. If for any reason the doctor feels they are not in a position to issue the cause of death certificate they will refer the case to the Coroner who will decide whether a certificate can be issued or whether further investigation is necessary.

If further investigation is required, a Post Mortem Examination may be ordered, this is usually to determine the exact cause of death. In most cases this will not necessarily cause delay in making funeral arrangements. After the Coroner has carried out their investigations, they will release the body to the funeral director and supply the Register Office with the appropriate paperwork for the family to attend and register the death.

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