A Guide To Planning A Funeral

Posted by formed on 18 November 2020

A guide to planning a funeral

No one wants to have to plan a funeral when they’re grieving a loved one and emotions are running high. Not only is there a lot of planning to do, but there may also be imminent financial concerns. At Carroll and Carroll, we’re there for you at this most difficult time. We can offer you the guidance and support you need to give them a bespoke and unique send-off. There are many details to consider when planning a funeral, from choosing a coffin and arranging funeral transport to selecting music and readings for the service.

Choose a type of service

You should think about the type of service you want for the funeral. As well as choosing between a burial or cremation, you’ll also need to decide if the service will be religious or non-religious. Whatever type of service you want for your loved one, we’ll be there to help plan the funeral and make the arrangements on your behalf.

Pick a venue and date for the service

A big part of planning a funeral is deciding when and where to have the ceremony. A funeral can be held in any suitable venue. However, common options include a place of worship such as a church; a crematorium chapel; or a private home. The date for the service will often depend on the availability of the funeral director and crematoria, religious beliefs, and family circumstances.

Choose a coffin

Choosing a coffin is an important part of planning a funeral. Not only is it often the focal point of the service, but choosing the right coffin is a way of honouring our loved ones. There’s a lot to consider when selecting a coffin for a funeral. Talk to Paul and Helen at Carroll and Carroll to discuss the various options available to you.

Arrange funeral transport

Once you know when and where the funeral service will take place, you’ll need to arrange funeral transport. When it comes to choosing transport, many people find it easier to communicate their preferences to the funeral director, letting them handle the task of organising vehicles. However, you may prefer to do this job yourself, particularly if you’re seeking a certain type of vehicle. We can help you customise every detail, including the hearse and the number of limousines you require.

Include music and readings

Whoever is leading the service will usually say something about the deceased person. If they have never met them, it’s a good idea to make sure they know some personal details, including the name they were known by. You can personalise the service with music, readings, and prayers. You may like to ask friends and family if they would like to take part. They may like to read poetry or passages during the service, for example. Organising music to be played can also help to bring comfort to those attending.

Create an order of service

A funeral order of service provides a schedule of the service and is handed out to friends and family as they arrive at the service. It can also be sent out to people who are unable to attend. An order of service sheet may include readings, hymns, songs, and poems, as well as photographs of the deceased person. At Carroll and Carroll, we can help you tailor it to the way you prefer, making it unique to your loved one.

For expert advice on planning a funeral for a loved one, don’t hesitate to contact Carroll and Carroll. As one of the leading funeral directors in Leeds, we’re confident we can provide a professional and compassionate service that meets your needs.