How Covid-19 Has Affected Funerals

Posted by formed on 17 November 2020

How Covid-19 Has Affected Funerals

Arranging and attending a funeral can be a very difficult and distressing experience, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic when the rules surrounding these events are constantly changing. Several changes have been made to the way funeral services are held. These changes are intended to help lower the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Are funerals still allowed?

On November 5th, the UK government introduced new national restrictions within England. Currently, the guidelines state that funerals should continue as normal and should not be delayed. However, it’s advised that only close family and friends of the deceased should attend. No more than 30 people should attend a funeral ceremony, whether it’s held indoors or outdoors.

The real number of people who can attend will depend on the size of the venue and how many can be accommodated safely. People must be able to socially distance. It’s up to the funeral venue manager to carry out a risk assessment. They must take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. In many cases, the number of people allowed will be less than 30.

Can I attend a funeral?

During this period of national lockdown, people are still allowed to leave their homes to go to a funeral. Religious, belief-based, or certain ceremonial events which are linked to a funeral can also be attended. However, you shouldn’t attend if you’re showing any symptoms of Covid-19, even if they’re very mild. If you’ve been advised to shield, you can still attend, but we recommend carefully considering the risks of doing so. Keep in mind that the risk of COVID-19 spread increases when households mix.

You should also think very strongly about attending if you’re self-isolating and you know that someone who is shielding or clinically vulnerable is to attend the funeral. You should consider going at a different time to them. When attending, it’s important to you let others know that you would usually be self-isolating.

How technology is changing funerals

Strict new guidelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic have changed the way we mourn the death of our loved ones. The way funerals are conducted has shifted dramatically, with only limited numbers now allowed to attend.  Funeral directors and funeral homes have responded to these changes, reacting with not just courage and tenacity, but innovation too. Many are enabling funerals to be streamed to those who can’t attend, either because they’re isolating, shielding, sick, or simply because there’s not enough space.

Digital technology like Zoom is increasingly allowing grieving family members and friends to say goodbye to their loved ones despite the restrictions and limitations introduced in response to Covid-19. More and more funeral firms across the UK are using technology to help their clients give their friends and relatives the send-off they deserve.

At Carroll and Carroll, we’re dedicated to helping you say goodbye to your loved ones during these difficult times. We continue to offer the same high level of service we’ve become renowned for, offering you all the guidance and support you need. Contact us today if you’re seeking reliable and compassionate funeral directors in Leeds.